AUDIO: ‘Building Alliances’ Panel

A recent panel discussion at the Rights Working Group (RWG) “Securing Our Rights” conference in San Francisco, Calif. was about building alliances among political progressives and libertarians regarding social justice and civil rights issues.


The panel discussed communicating across ethnic and ideological identities to advocate for the protection of constitutional rights, which include the right to privacy.


The panel, which was moderated by Linda Sarsour of the National Network for Arab American Communities included Jim Harper of the Cato Institute, and Laura Rivas of National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and myself.


I voiced concerns about the recent passage in the Senate National Defense Authorization Act, which if becomes law, would grant authority to the United State Military to indefinitely detain citizens suspected of terrorism without allowing them due process in civilian courts.


SEE: Guantánamo for US citizens Senate bill raises questions (The Christian Science Monitor)

Click here to listen to panel.



One thought on “AUDIO: ‘Building Alliances’ Panel

  1. Just happened to zip by and am only passing tjhrough but I would like to let you know that I don’t like being pushed around any more than you perceive it happens to you. I haven’t seen the show and have no interest in watching as I perceive it’s along the same line as American gangs in prison shows or “Turtle Man”. Boring, uninteresting and plain stupid.
    Now if the show was about foreigners trying to assimilate into AMERICAN CULTURE, I might find that interesting. We all find and overcome barriers. Rather than trying to force change on everyone else, bend a little bit and see why stereo type muslim is the antithesis of the stereo type American.
    I only tolerate people of any sort because I must find my own path to personal fulfillment. Perhaps you don’t realize that those you think hate you,are not singling you out but have a very low regard for all of humanity, as do I.

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