Media coverage on Lowe’s, ‘All-American Muslim’

I’ve done several media appearance regarding the community’s problems with Lowe’s pulling their ad from TLC Show “All-American Muslim.”

This morning on Tony Trupiano Show on 1310AM (WDTW).

Yesterday on The Charlie Langton Show on 1270 AM (WXYT).

Two days ago on Channel 7 News (WXYZ).

I will be on WBAI 99.5 FM from 4pm to 4:30pm today to discuss this issue along with Linda Sarsour, Director of the Arab-American Association of New York.

CAIR has written a letter to Lowe’s requesting a meeting between its executives and Muslim community leaders to resolve this issue.  CAIR is waiting on a response.


One thought on “Media coverage on Lowe’s, ‘All-American Muslim’

  1. Can’t they make a business decision without the usual suspects demanding an apology and a change of mind? It’s always the same people … Rabbi Kosherberg, Abdul El-Somebody Or Other, the Reverend Someone of the AME Storefront Church in some bombed-out part of town, and some misguided Christian with a mail-order divinity degree, complaining. We’re being mistreated, etc etc … if they want to pull their ads, they can and will! Deal with it!

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