Convolution in Syria: My Conversation with 2 Syrian Activists

I just concluded a meeting with 2 Syrian activists, who have been in America for a couple of weeks and are returning in Damascus shortly.

Though I cannot attest to the veracity of what they told me, I will repeat some of it below in a few brief points:

1)      They stated that Iranians are in Syria supporting the regime including acting as snipers in Damascus.  They said you can clearly tell they aren’t Syrians because “they are short and have long noses.”

2)      They stated that Hizbullah is in Syria, not simply high level officials who met with the government and make religious visitations but also have their members, “who wear all black and green [bandanas]” in Bloudan.

3)      They stated that there are poor Alawis/Shi’is, who do not support the Al-Assad regime, and that they don’t view the conflict as purely sectarian.

4)      They stated that the “People’s Army” has been joined by Sunni Iraqis, who have crossed the borders with weapons, presumably “American.”

5)      They stated that the “People’s Army” has also been joined by “many Libyans.”

6)      They stated that the Syrian people, anecdotally speaking, do not want American military intervention in Syria, and that they believe the “People’s Army” wants American/NATO military help, so that “they can take control of the country like what happened in Libya.”

7)      They stated that they want the Al-Assad regime to go only through resistance from the Syrian people.

8)      They stated that the only help they want from American Muslims is to give to charitable organizations operating in Syria; since, there are so many people who don’t have blankets and dry food products due to the violence outside of Aleppo and Damascus.

9)      They stated that armed gangs are robbing and killing people in Syria, including car-jackings, based upon the destabilized environment.  These people may or may not be foreigners.

Things on convoluted on the ground is what I’ve taken from what they’ve said in addition to how I’ve understood what is going on.   People are dying every day, there are definitely foreign interests in the country, there is no one unified resistance and there are people there who have relationships to terrorism on the ground.

What we reasonable can all pray for is safety and security to come to Syria, and that Syria does not end up turning into another Iraq.


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