Bigots Sue CAIR-MI, PFAW For Protesting Bogus Ex-Terrorist

The Thomas More Law Center, a far right wing organization, has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Michigan State Representative Dave Agema (R-Grandville) and a representative of the anti-Islam group ACT! for America against CAIR-MI and People For the American Way (PFAW), a DC based progressive advocacy organization, and Allegan City for the January cancellation of a scheduled speaking appearance by bogus ex-terrorist Kamal Saleem aka Khodor Shami.

In January, CAIR-MI and PFAW sent a letter to Allegan school officials raising objections about Saleem’s anti-Islam message being given a platform in Allegan High School, a place of education funded by tax-payer dollars, which is meant to promote the American values of truth and diversity.

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Saleem’s speaking engagement was later cancelled just prior to him speaking due to Allegan officials citing safety concerns.

SEE: Rep. Agema (R-Grandville) Sues Allegan City and CAIR-MI Over Kamal Saleem Event Shutdown (WOOD TV)

The Thomas More Law Center has worked with David Yerushalmi, the architect of the model anti-Shari’ah legislation, which has swept across the nation since 2010. MI State Rep. Agema unsuccessfully introduced similar anti-Shari’ah legislation into the Michigan House last year.

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This nuisance lawsuit is designed to stifle advocates from raising constituent concerns about bigotry and to drain the Muslim community of its resources.  The parties involved in the lawsuit and fake ex-terrorist are all connected to an Islamophobia network within Michigan, which seeks to marginalize Muslims in America.


2 thoughts on “Bigots Sue CAIR-MI, PFAW For Protesting Bogus Ex-Terrorist

  1. This is great news because Allen West is a great American Patriot and will stick up for what is right and what is wrong!

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