Refutation to bigots claims against me


I, Dawud Walid, normally don’t respond to blog posts that paint me in a particular fashion.  Since there are times when a claim left unanswered is implied to be true, I will, however, respond to a post written about me yesterday.  Below is only reiterating my long held positions in light of Islamophobes such as Daniel Pipes, who put forth the notion that I am anti-Jewish.

Though I disagree with some of Judaic theology, I am a proponent of Jewish people’s inalienable right to worship freely as all other human beings and to live in security.  I have lauded those Jewish Americans, who were involved in the civil rights movement to help my people (Blackamericans), and I have consistently denounced the small amount of Arab-Americans, who falsely equate the Star of David with the Nazi symbol.  I’ve done this in public and in the media before the 2006 war in Lebanon to the 2008 siege on Gaza and beyond.  In 2010 and 2011, I was even rebuked by some Muslims in Ann Arbor when I stated that it is against the spirit of Islam to protest worshippers outside of an Ann Arbor Jewish Temple, especially on their holy days.  And I have stated in sermons that it is un-Islamic for any Muslim to attack innocent civilians including Israelis and that suicide bombings are forbidden.

In saying that, I make no apologies for defending Prophet Muhammad (prayers and peace be upon him and his family) as well as the Islamic theological tradition.  For instance in January of this year, I gave a talk entitled “Rejecting Claims That Prophet Muhammad Was Anti-Jewish” that addressed two issues in which I was ironically just attacked for and taken out of context.  Hence, let me restate a couple of issues in lieu of the most recent attack against me.

The first relates to the speech of Prophet Muhammad (prayers and peace be upon him and his family) that he stated the people, who came before him that incurred G-d’s wrath were “the Jews (hum al-yahud).”  My lecture clearly states that the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (prayers and peace be upon him and his family) simply verified the truth of what is in the Bible which states in numerous places “the Lord’s wrath was upon Israel.”     The Arabic version of the Bible uses the word Ghadab, which is related to the same root word of Maghdub used in the Qur’an of those who incurred G-d’s wrath.   Muslims pray not to be of those who incurred G-d’s wrath meaning those who disobeyed their prophet, Moses.  It does not mean, nor do I believe, that all Jewish people are accursed in this life.  I do not break bread with people who I think are invoking G-d’s wrath right now.

The second relates to the incident of when Jewish men of Bani Quraythah were executed for treason during wartime in the era of Prophet Muhammad (prayers and peace be upon him and his family.)  In 2006, Detroit imams and Islamic scholars answered this issue that was not related directly to religious identity of those who committed treason.  In fact, the men being Jewish had nothing to do with them being executed.

I’m very clear on this issue because I am the one who drafted the response in which the scholars unanimously agreed, these scholars who studied in Islamic universities in Najaf, Iraq, Cairo, Egypt and Medina, Saudi Arabia.  As a U.S. Navy veteran, who worked in the legal department, I also know for certain that treason during wartime for U.S. military personnel can be punishable by death under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ.)

Furthermore, I make no apologies for mainstream Islamic theology such as the belief that Abraham and Moses were Muslims, not Jews, that the Holy Land is not the exclusive right of modern day Jews and that Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa is a trust of the Muslims, which should not be occupied by Israeli Occupational Forces who restrict Muslims from freely worshiping in the third most holy site in Islam.

Moreover, I make no apologies for praying for people of Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Kashmir, Mali and other places in which Muslims are suffering from violence and calamities.  And yes, I also pray for those who struggle spiritually and physically against self oppression and outward oppression in every land.  To equate my praying for people in those areas as supporting extremism when I repeatedly speak against terrorism and extremism is completely disingenuous.

Mind you, these are the same people, who stated that the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 had “A Middle Eastern trait” and accused the secular American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), which has a Christian Arab president, as being part of an Islamic threat to America.


5 thoughts on “Refutation to bigots claims against me

  1. Do you Dawud:

    1. Support Israel’s right to exist?

    2. Will you admit that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations?

    If you do not answer Yes to either of the above questions, you are a hypocrite!

  2. Actually, I do think that Israel has a right to exist and that Hamas and Hizbullah have committed acts that I consider to be terrorism.

    Now, will you admit that Israel has been illegally occupying (according to international law) the lands of Palestinians and Syrians since 1968? And will you admit that Israel has committed war crimes against civilians in the past?

    I don’t do double talk, sir/ma’am. What about yourself?

    • Israel has not been occupying “any lands of Palestinians and Syria. When you pick a fight the spoils of war are in place. International law is stacked against countries like Israel and others. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel…period!

      As for war crimes……….you have to be kidding right! I can give you 1000’s of war crimes committed by Palestinians, Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood. You don’t even want to go there! That is a losing argument.

  3. Republican and Democratic administrations also recognize the illegal occupation by Israel. Is Israel above international law and norms?

    As far as you thinking that Israel has never committed war crimes, take that up with Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

  4. Well said, Dawud. I too agree that sometimes you have to respond to these bigots because oftentimes what they write is blasphemous and downright defamation of character. Glad to see you still fighting the good fight. Wishing you and yours all the best.

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