Anti-Muslim missionaries provoke at Arab-American festival

I was a witness to the return of rowdy Christian missionaries at the Arab-American Festival inn Dearborn this past Friday.  Instead of them being on a mission to save souls, it was evident that they were on a mission to provoke hatred.

One Christian male was holding a stick with a pig’s head (yes, a real pig’s head) on top to taught Muslims.  Another was holding up a sign saying Muhammad is a pervert.  Obviously, these were used not to call people to Jesus (Peace be upon him) but to arouse anger.  No one can call people to any ideology by insulting them.

The vast majority of people simply ignored them.  The provocateurs, however, were able to rile up some teenagers, some who threw water and frisbees while yelling at them.  The behavior of the unsupervised youth is a whole other topic; I’m sure the missionaries were banking on such reactions to record and post on YouTube.

Did those people have the Freedom of Speech to insult as they did?  YES.  Was it in accordance with the teachings of Jesus (Peace be upon him)? NO.  Should Christians rebuke their fellows for un-Christlike behavior?.  YES.

Those protesters exercised their constitutional rights to insult the Muslim community while seeing some Muslim males who were unfortunately intoxicated and seeing Muslim females showing cleavage and wearing tight shorts.  If they had any integrity, they should at least be honest to say that there is ISLAMIC LAW governing Dearborn.

They are liars with an agenda, and those who lack faith use falsehood to project their designs.  Shame on them!


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