Poem on justice by American Muslim Activist

Untitled poem by Tasneem Al-Jayyousi 

They’re on your college campus, watching your every move.

Reading your tweets, know when you have the blues.


“Who cares? I have nothing to hide…” you reason to yourself.

But that isn’t you at all, that’s your sworn enemy: Iblees himself.


Couldn’t get you to fall into drugs and ruin your health,

so he figured out another way to get you to put your conscience on the shelf.


Why do we get mad about what’s happening to Muslims overseas,

but hear a story about NYPD and immediately turn off the TV?


There was a time when Muslims were renowned for their bravery,

now we’re entrapped by our own mental slavery.


Are you scared? Are you lazy? Or is it a combination of both?

They’ve bullied you into silence and stunted your growth.


Brothers and sisters, how long will you remain dormant?

Or are you waiting for the day you find out your “best friend” was an informant?


Be a true American and SPEAK UP for what’s right.

The only way to combat Ray Kelly’s darkness is to show him our light.


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