Zaydi ruling on praying on turba (rock)

The following was sent to me by the Imam Rassi Society about a question asked by a brother why non-Ja’fari Muslims don’t use the turba (i.e. rock from Karbala).


Allama al-Hussein bin Yahya al-Houthi, may Allah preserve him, responded to this question in one of his texts. The translation of his answer is as follows:

If one were to consider it as a sunnah, it is impermissible. Furthermore, it is a heretical innovation because there is no proof that establishes such. If one were to consider it a good thing because of its blessings, we do not hold it to be a good thing. This is because it is clay (turba) of sadness, not a clay of blessings! How can we consider it a clay of blessedness when the best of all men on earth was killed on it unjustly by his enemies?! 

And Allah knows best!


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