Another GOP abortion bill, another squandered moment

JUN 18, 2013, 3:30 PM 

Another GOP abortion bill, another squandered moment

  • BY Republican national leadership still has not learned its lesson from last year’s defeat in pushing social legislation in Congress.

    This week, the House is to vote on pro-life legislation that will ban abortions past the 20 week mark. Though the bill may make it out of the House, it does not have a chance before the Senate – much less a presidential veto if it did.

    To be clear, I’m not in favor of abortions past the 20 week mark – except in where women face serious health problems (including potential death). I am, however, in favor of bi-partisan legislation that can fix the socio-economic mess that our country faces at this crucial moment. The votes simply are not there on this issue, which gives the appearance that the GOP is blowing smoke on an unwinnable issue.

    Less than one week ago, a Gallup poll found that Congress’ approval rating is at an all-time low – only 10 percent of Americans have confidence in the House and Senate. Instead of seizing the moment and focusing on the economy, national deficits, and the erosion of civil liberties, Republican legislators are making the ill-advised move to jump deeper into culture war politics.

    If the GOP does not re-focus, they will continue to lose even more support during the 2014 election cycle. Stop the grandstanding, and submit legislation that has a chance of actually passing to improve our country.


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