Thoughts on day 2 of Ramadan reading

From Surah 2, Ayah 165:

And from people there are those who take others than Allah as equal, loving them as they should love Allah whereas those who believe are most intense in loving Allah.


Polytheists during the time of the Prophet (SAWS) loved their pagan deities and tribal affiliations more than they loved Allah (SWT).  Moreover, pagan Arabs believed in Allah (SWT) and used His name but shared their worship of Him with idols that they falsely believed had benefit.

Believers love Allah (SWT) over all by not simply avoiding idol worship but by also bringing their sensitivities and actions in accordance with what Allah (SWT) loves.

Are we cleansing the idols that we have in our hearts that take us away from what Allah (SWT)?

Are we seeking to be accepted by people more than Allah (SWT)?

Are we making partners with Allah (SWT) by loving family members, love interests and business relationships as we should love Him?

Are we willing to earn money by haraam means (selling pork, alcohol & lottery, doing shady business, etc), thus loving dunya as we should love Allah (SWT)?

Are we making Islam a ethnocentric source of superiority, thus worshiping it, instead of respecting the equality of humanity that Allah (SWT) made?


May Allah (SWT) purify our hearts and guide us to love nothing above Him.  AMEEN.



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