Thoughts on Day 7 of Ramadan reading

I’ve finished the 8th juz of the Qur’an in anticipation that Shahr Ramadan may only be 29 days.  Hence, I will reference an ayah from this juz though it is the 7th day.

Surah 6, Ayah 159 states,”And those who split up their deen into sects, you are to have anything to do with them.  Their matter is but to Allah, then He will inform them of what they were doing.”

Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said that those who split their deen into sects are innovators and misguided ones from this Ummah.

Qatadah (RH) commented that splitting into sects is what Jews and Christians did.

Az-Zamakhshari (RH) commented that every sect has made for itself a leader of its partisanship.

It’s actually amazing that in light of this, Muslims take so much pride and joy on defining themselves firstly by a madhhab, tariqah or shaykh to the point that they separate themselves from the rest of the Ummah in a partisan manner.  Moreover, it seems that the ones who accuse others of being innovators and misguided people are themselves the greatest culprit of this deviance!

Try to make it a point during this month of Ramadan and step outside of your comfort zone.  Go to another masjid and pray with brothers and sisters who are not from your regular group.  We cut ourselves off from some of the favor of Allah (SWT) when we separate ourselves from the rest of the Ummah and stay in our silos.

May Allah (SWT) bring our hearts together in love.  AMEEN.


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