Scalping bill will encourage price gouging

Nov 5, 2013, 4:11 pm

Scalping bill will encourage price gouging

As if we don’t have larger issues to deal with, State Representative Tim Kelly, R – SaginawTownship, has introduced a bill to legalize “scalping” of tickets for concerts, sporting events, and other activities.

The 1931 state law barring this practice was implemented for a justifiable reason: To protect consumers from price gouging. I know, I know, we should let the free market decide prices for tickets blah blah blah. . . . While I’m all for someone making a buck, it’s the obligation of the state to make sure that the little man isn’t unfairly priced out of the market.

For example, if Rep. Kelly’s bill becomes law, there would be nothing to stop a handful of hustlers from buying large amounts of tickets online for an Eminem or Kid Rock concert. Knowing the high demand for such artists to be seen by young adults, some could hog large quantities of tickets – then go outside Ford Field or another venues to charge double or triple the original ticket prices. The same could hold true for a Detroit Red Wings hockey game during playoff season.

It’s so obvious that, if this bill became law, it would have a negative impact on consumers and price many people out of the market for musical and sporting events in our state. This may be a boon for a select few but not for those who reside/come to Michigan for entertainment at reasonable prices.

I don’t see the ticket “scalping” bill to be good for Michiganians or for attracting entertainment and sporting tourism from non-residence. We should convey this to our elected officials that we need legislation presented in Lansing that looks outs for the common good of all people, not just a few who wish to make a quick buck.



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