CPAC shows GOP still has minority problems

MAR 11, 2014, 12:45 PM

Dawud Walid: CPAC shows GOP still has minority problems

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) may have attempted to moderate its annual forum this year but still had a number of speakers and groups in attendance with extreme positions, which highlights the problems the GOP will face with minorities this year and in the 2016 election.

Those with anti-immigrant and anti-minority sentiments still have far too much influence within the GOP. One of CPAC’s sponsors was a white nationalist group called ProEnglish, which is an “English only” anti-immigrant group. Also headlining main sessions were birthers Donald Trump and Minnesota congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. Bachmann, who blames all of the nation’s woes on President Barack Obama, still holds the view that the Obama administration is thoroughly infiltrated and controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yeah, right.

Another bizarre and more obscure voice who was given a main platform at CPAC was One America News network’s ultra-right news anchor Graham Ledger. Ledger lamented that America needs “one common language” and that our schools no longer teach “American culture.” I’m not sure what “American culture” that Ledger is talking about, but his comments sound exclusionary to me.

The bottom line is that events such as CPAC turn off minorities, the minorities the GOP will need to keep an open mind. As long as the big names in the GOP continue to support CPAC-style forums, the more the party will alienate itself from people of color. Congressional districts with diverse populations and the presidency can’t be won anymore invoking xenophobic and anti-minority memes.


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