AUDIO: Nuturing our Muslim youth

Today’s khutbah was given at Masjid As-Salaam in Detroit.


One thought on “AUDIO: Nuturing our Muslim youth

  1. I t is becoming more apparant that Arab-Americans are some of the most rascist people on earth. They just don’t declare it openly. What right do they have to call anyone abeed or slave because a mans chimree is dark. The Imams of America better wake up because there is a new culture of rascism growing here in America and its running through the blood of the so called Muslim Arabs. They have turned their backs on Prophet Muhammads SAWS requests on his Sermon on the Mount. This is a secret society amongst many aof them and Hell fire will swallow them up because many are full of hatred. Rememder what RasoulellahiSAWS said to Abu Dharr. What are you Imams doing about it? Absolutely nothing!

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