Julaybib: A man shunned by society but accepted by the Prophet

One of the helpers of the Prophet (SAWS) who is mentioned in a number of texts is the companion known as Julaybib (RA).

Julaybib accepted Islam in Al-Madinah, thus is described as one of the men from the Ansar. His lineage was unknown among the Arabs which made him an outcast. According to ibn Al-Jawzi in Tanwir Al-Ghabash, he was described as black (aswad). The companion Abu Barzah (RA) according to ibn Al-Athir also described him as short (qasir) and ugly (damim).

Being that Julaybib had no tribal and family connections in Al-Madinah as well as no wife, he spent more time in the company of the Prophet (SAWS) than many of the other Ansar. In fact, the People of Al-Madinah used to ridicule Julaybib and would not befriend him.

In narrations that are deemed sound, the Prophet (SAWS) proceeded to find a wife for the honorable Julaybib. When he (SAWS) went to the home of one of the Ansar, a father opened the door in which the Prophet (SAWS) told him that he (SAWS) came to him for a marriage proposal. The father immediately said yes thinking that his daughter would get the honor of being one of the Prophet’s (SAWS) wives. The Prophet (SAWS) told him that he (SAWS) did not come for himself but was asking on behalf of Julaybib. The father then said that he was going to defer the decision to his wife.

When the wife of the Ansari came, the Prophet (SAWS) told her that he had a marriage proposal. The wife also became happy and said yes. Then the Prophet (SAWS) told her that he (SAWS) came on behalf of Julaybib. The wife then replied that she would not allow her daughter to marry a man like Julaybib!

Upon hearing noise, the daughter of the two came out and asked the reason for the Prophet (SAWS) coming to their home. The mother told the daughter that he (SAWS) came on behalf of Julaybib but that she was not accepting for her to marry him! The daughter replied, how can we turn down a proposal coming from the Messenger of Allah (SWT)? She said to send Julaybib to her, for surely he will not bring ruin to her!

In Al-Asabah by ibn Hajar al-Asqalani, it is mentioned in reference to this event the application of surah 33, ayah 36, “It is not fitting for a believing man or woman that when Allah and His messenger decree a matter that they should have an opinion about it from their matter. And whoever disobeys Allah and His messenger surely is in clear error.” It is mentioned in several texts including Al-Musannaf by ibn Abi Shaybah in the Chapter of Compatibility in Marriage that the Prophet (SAWS) then performed the marriage between Julaybib and the lady.

In a battle after the marriage, Julaybib achieved martyrdom. When the Prophet (SAWS) saw the martyred Julaybib, he (SAWS) said twice, “This [man] is from me, and I am from him.” An-Nanawi said in his commentary of Sahih Muslim that the Prophet (SAWS) used exaggeration (mubalaghah) showing the importance of Julaybib as if Julaybib was a member of his (SAWS) own klan such as when the Prophet (SAWS) said about Salman (RA), who was Persian, “Salman is from us, the People of the Household (Ahl al-Bayt).”

It is also narrated that the Prophet (SAWS) personally dug the grave of Julaybib and placed him in the grave without washing him, signifying his status as a martyr.


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