Usamah bin Zayd: Teenager General of the Prophet

Usamah bin Zayd (RA) was one of the beloved companions of the Prophet (SAWS).

Both of Usamah’s (RA) parents, Zayd bin Harithah (RA) who was Arab and Umm Ayman (RA) who was Ethiopian, were freed from slavery by the Prophet (SAWS). He was born in Makkah seven years prior to hijrah and is described as having black skin.

Much of Usamah’s upbringing was done in the house of the Prophet (SAWS) in the same timeframe as the rearing of the Prophet’s (SAWS) grandson Al-Hasan bin ‘Ali (SA).

Usamah was later married by the Prophet (SAWS) to Fatimah bint Qays, who was Arab and from Quraysh. It is narrated that this marriage took place when Usamah was at the age of 15 years old and that on his ring was etched at the time of the wedding “Love of the Messenger of Allah.”

While a teenager, Usamah was elected by the Prophet (SAWS) to be a general of an expedition against the Romans in Syria. Some of the companions became extremely angry at Usamah being appointed as general over older companions from Quraysh. The Prophet (SAWS) said after praising and thanking Allah (SWT), “Oh People! Word has come to me that some of you mad that I appointed Usamah bin Zayd. I swear by Allah that surely your obeying Usamah is certainly your obeying me just as obeying his father before him.”

Usamah passed in 61 A.H. in Al-Madinah during the government of Mu’awiyah bin Abi Sufyan.

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