Jawn bin Huway: A Martyr of Karbala

One of the great martyrs of the second generation or tabi’in was Jawn bin Huway (RA).

Jawn bin Huway, who was also referred to simply as Huway by Al-Khawarzimi and At-Tabari, was a client (mawla) of the companion Abu Dharr Al-Ghifari (RA). He was also referred to in Islamic history books as Juwayn Abi Malik Mawla Abi Dharr Al-Ghifari. He was formerly enslaved and is described as having black (aswad) skin.

Jawn was one of the brave souls who gave allegiance to Imam Al-Husayn bin Ali (SA) then traveled with him from Al-Madinah to Makkah then in Kufah, Iraq. He refused to give allegiance to the Umawi tyrant Yazid bin Mu’awiyah. He later traveled with Bani Hashim and the other followers of Al-Husayn to Karbala. It’s narrated that Al-Husayn told him at Karbala, “Oh Jawn! You are in status from me.”

On the 10th of Muharram, Jawn achieved martyrdom along with his Imam, Al-Husayn.

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