Ayman: The Brave Shepherd

One of the faithful companions of the Prophet (SAWS) was Ayman bin ‘Ubayd (RA).

Ayman’s roots were Abyssinian through his mother. He was born through the union of his mother Barakah, a woman who was eventually freed from slavery by the Prophet (SAWS) and his father ‘Ubayd bin Zayd who was from the tribe of Harith bin Khazraj; their marriage took place in Makkah in the Era of Al-Jahiliyyah. Ayman was also born in Makkah.

Ayman embraced Islam in Makkah and made migration for the sake of Allah (SWT) to Al-Madinah. He was a shepherd and was entrusted by the Prophet (SAWS) to look after his goats.

Ayman was a participant in the campaigns to defend Islam. At Ghazwah Hunayn when some of the Muslims became panicked, Ayman was one of eight Muslims who stood by the Prophet (SAWS) and defended him. The Muslims ended up winning the battle. In the process, Ayman achieved martyrdom.

After his martyrdom, Al-Abbas (RA), one of the Prophet’s (SAWS) uncles who was one of those eight that stood firmly with Ayman to defend the Prophet (SAWS), composed a poem praising the steadfastness and bravery of Ayman.