Imam Muhammad bin Idris Ath-Thani

A man of knowledge and character among the early generations of Muslims was Imam Muhammad bin Idris (RA).

Imam Muhammad was from Ahl al-Bayt, the Household of the Prophet (SAWS), being a descendant of Imam Al-Hasan bin Ali (SA).  He was born in Fas, which resides in modern day Morocco.  He was described as having brown (asmar) skin and very kinky (aj’ad) hair.

Imam Muhammad was the third ruler of the Adarisah government in North Africa, which was established by his grandfather Mawla Idris (SA) after he escaped the massacre of the Alawis, meaning the offspring of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (KW), in Fakh by the government of Bani Abbas.

Imam Muhammad was known to be a man of piety and justice to the point that people envied his character.

Imam Muhammad’s rule lasted for a short period, beginning at 213 AH and ending upon his demise in 221 AH.  He was succeeded by his son Imam Ali bin Muhammad (RA) also known as Haydarah.  After Imam Ali ruled for 12 years, he was succeeded by his brother Imam Yahya bin Muhammad (RA).  Imam Yahya founded Al-Qarawiyyin masjid in Fas in which the religious sciences passed down through his father Imam Muhammad’s chain of knowledge were taught.  Al-Qarawiyyin is considered to be one prestigious centers of Islamic learning to this day.

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