Rebel Flags in Michigan and White Supremacy

A colleague of mine who is a Native American sent me this yesterday.

image (1)imageimage (4)

Obviously after the national stories about removing the Confederate Flag in the wake of the Charlestown terror attack, capitalism dictates that the demand for the rebel flag has increased which means there is money to be made.

Meanwhile at the camp ground close to Chelsea, Michigan, a white man just put up a flag at his trailer.

image (5)

The neighboring trailer is resided in by an African American family.  I was informed that upon the raising of the flag that the African American family left the camp.

Mind you that in the whole discussion about the Confederate Flag and southern heritage, Michigan was not part of the Confederacy.  Moreover a significantly large percentage of white Michigan’s residents trace their lineage back to immigrants from Germany, Netherlands, Poland and other European lands who were not residing in the States at the time of the Civil War.  Thus they cannot even invoke the whole southern pride nonsense.

People are flying this flag and wearing this symbol as an expression of white supremacy.

If you lacked doubt about the meaning of this flag and the power of intimidation that it has, I hope that you get it now.

2 thoughts on “Rebel Flags in Michigan and White Supremacy

  1. The confederate flag was relegated to the dustbin of history until the civil rights era in the 1960s when it was resurrected to represent “state’s rights”, those rights, of course being “the right to discriminate against black people”. It’s not a symbol of Civil War opposition so much as a symbol of opposition to Civil Rights.

  2. Wow. I didn’t realize this was a racist, Islam propaganda site. “Southern pride nonsense”? I guess that makes it ok to refer to Islam as religious nonsense? Then right after that you say that the people are flying this flag as an expression of White supremacy? How do you back this statement up? Are you lumping the people who are in White Supremacist groups with everyone else who display a freakin’ flag? Again, I guess that now makes it ok to compare ISIS to every person following Islam. Oh, I am sure there will be some kind of rebuttal… People who are part of propaganda always have a counterpoint but in this case, I am afraid you are showing the true colors of the Islamic society with ITS racism and hatred of anything non-Islam. Even Malcom X realized this before he was killed by…. yes… Islamic executioners just following the crazy Koran.

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