2 Ironies of Dr. Carson’s Islamophobia in his Presidential Aspirations

International news has picked up on comments of GOP presidential nomination hopeful Dr. Ben Carson who believes that America shouldn’t have a Muslim president.  Let’s say a Muslim was going to run in any party or as an independent for American presidency.  I find Dr. Carson’s comments ironic for the following reasons:

  1. There are Americans who were against Barack Obama becoming president because of him being black.  There are still Americans against him simply because he’s black, and the reality is that there are Americans who will not vote for Dr. Carson because he’s black.  That he thinks that a Muslim is not American enough to become president differs little from white supremacists who think black folks don’t epitomize what it takes to have a real American president.
  2. Given that 20% to 30% of enslaved Africans brought to America were Muslims, there’s a good chance that at least one of Dr. Carson’s ancestors was a Muslim. It’s as if Carson loves the fruit of America while hating the tree that gave birth to the fruit.

I’ll gladly debate Dr. Carson on his views about a Muslim not being fit to be president, from one black Detroiter to another.  I’ll even break my own rule and go on a FOX National talk show to do so.


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