Memorial for Shaykh Hassan Cisse (RH)


Friday night at The Muslim Center in Detroit, Muslims from various communities came to pay their respects to the late Shaykh Hassan Cisse, who passed on Wednesday night in Senegal.

After the funeral prayer that was held after the Friday prayer, various leaders spoke about the works of Shaykh Cisse. Shaykh Cisse was given the key to a number of cities including Detroit, by the way.

Brothers and sisters, who are African-American, Gambian, Iraqi and Senegalese attended.  Besides followers of Shaykh Cisse from the Tijani tariqah, members of the Mouride tariqah, the Qadiri tariqah and students of Imam Warith Deen (WD) Mohammed paid their respects.  Shaykh Ahmed TIjiani Ben Omar was also in attendance.

Imam Salim Joseph presided over the events including Qur’an reading, dhikr al-Jumu’ah, wazeefa and urging the Muslims to read Qur’an and make du’a during laylah an-nisf, the 15th of Sha’ban.


Passing of Shaykh Hassan Cisse (RH)

Late Wednesday night, Shaykh Hassan Cisse (RH), a preeminent Senegalese shaykh and leader of the Tijaniyyah Sufi Order in West Africa, passed from this worldy life. 

He was the spiritual successor of the renowned Islamic scholar Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse (RA).


There will be a funeral prayer for Shaykh Cisse today at The Muslim Center in Detroit, Michigan following the Friday prayer.  Following the funeral prayer will be comments made by Muslim leaders, then wazeefa, G’d willing.

May ALLAH (SWT) have mercy upon the soul of Shaykh Cisse and grant him paradise.



APS | The imam Sheikh Hassane Cisse will be buried Friday in the afternoon