Imam runs for city council

The AP ran an excellent article today about Imam Abdullah Bey El-Amin’s bid for Detroit City Council.

Turn out to vote in the primaries tomorrow!


Last post on Jackson’s death, iA, & no Janazah prayer

This will be, G-d willing, the last of my posts regarding the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson and the bizarre reactions that have accompanied it.

It is clear from Muhammad Abdul Aziz aka Jermaine Jackson’s recent comments on the Larry King Show that Michael did not accept Al-Islam and will not be buried as a Muslim despite the many myths that have circulated such as an Imam visited the staunchly Jehovah Witness Jackson parents to discuss funeral arrangements to the fable that Dawud Wharnsby and an unknown Imam witnessed him accepting Al-Islam.

What is also clear is that some prominent Imam(s) in California should reach out to Abdul Aziz during this time of grieving and in the long term, encourage him to further his studies of Al-Islam.  During the Larry King interview, Abdul Aziz said that Michael Jackson was “the most incredible human being there will ever be.” To state that a pop singer is the most incredible human being ever, more incredible than Moses (AS), Jesus Christ (AS) or Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) is an extremely peculiar if not blasphemous statement to be made by a Muslim.  To be honest, I’m not quite sure of the creed of Abdul Aziz though I’m aware that he is close with the Nation of Islam (NOI), who provided security for Michael in 2003 during the child molestation case.

Even more queer than this were the comments I heard on yesterday’s Rev. Jesse Jackson Talk Show in which he stated that there have been nine suicides linked to the death of Michael Jackson!  It seems that the perversion of referring to Michael as an “idol” was taken literally by these nine and certainly countless scores of others who have slipped into depression or forms of mania.  An idol is a false deity or false symbol of worship, their symbol of worship died, and it appears that these misguided souls died with their idol.  Perhaps they had histories of psychological problems that may have been exasperated by their pop star idolatry. 

Anyway, I’m sure that more weird stories will surface after the burial, the custody battles will continue, and fights will ensue over royalties and yet to be released material.  My disappointment resides more in irrational behavior and words that Muslims have expressed over Michael’s death, the strangest being a report that was passed on by a sister that a prominent mosque in Illinois holding a Janazah prayer for Michael. 

It raises some serious questions in my mind anyway.

Passing of Metro Detroit Muslim pioneer – Imam Vehbi Ismail

Imam Vehbi Ismail passed from this temporary life yesterday.

In 1962, Imam Ismail founded the Albanian Islamic Center in Harper Woods, Michigan.  The center, which was initially founded to serve the primary religious and cultural needs of the Albanian Muslim community, has also serviced a number of other ethnicities since the 60’s including Arabs, Indians and Iranians.

Imam Ismail was a promoter of interfaith dialogue as well as interfaith cooperation.  He worked closely with the late Shi’i leader Imam Jawad Chirri, the founder of the Islamic Center of America, which is now America’s largest mosque, and spoke at the mosque during Muharram and Ramadan.