Speculation over Janazah (funeral) & Michael Jackson being Muslim

It seems like confusion is still brewing whether Michael Jackson actually ever became a Muslim or not.

One urban legend that has circulated among Muslims, even repeated by Imams, is that Dawud Wharnsby, a Muslim musical artist, witnessed MJ taking his “shahadatayn” – bearing witness that there is only one G-d and that Muhammad ibn Abdullah is His messenger and the last prophet. Wharnsby stated on his blog that he never even met MJ, nor did he ever have the opportunity to discuss issues of faith with him.

Muslim singer Yusuf Islam also dismisses the urban legend as well that he witnessed MJ accepting Islam.

Now, stories are circulating that an Imam visited the Jackson family allegedly discussing burial arrangements.  Who is this Imam?  No one is sure. 

If MJ died as a Muslim, may he be accepted as one and be granted Divine mercy.

MJ was definitely an artist whose impact was felt worldwide.  I wonder, however, if Muslims are being overly anxious to claim him as among the fold out of sincere concern for his spirit in the life of the grave or to claim this world renowned (and repudiated to some) figure because of a collectively damaged ego and esteem.

Surely G-d knows best.