MSA brings Islam awareness to campus

MSA brings Islam awareness to campus

Kristina Calvird

Issue date: 11/25/08 Section: Student Life
The Muslim Student Association (MSA) celebrated Islam Awareness Week last week.

According to Majed Afana, MSA president, the purpose of the week is to “create an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding for the religion which has been under the spotlight for almost a decade now.”

The group strives to educate both non-Muslims and Muslims on campus by providing lectures and activities.

“As leaders in the Muslim Students’ Association, every year we take it upon ourselves to provide a week-long series of programs that cover a wide variety of topics, many of which are often filled with misconceptions and misunderstood facts,” said Afana.

The week kicked off on Monday when Dawud Walid discussed the history of Islam both prior to and after coming to America and its neighboring countries. “He presented a very educational look into the spread of Islam,” said Afana.

Women in Islam are often one of the most misunderstood topics in American society. People are often confused about the roles of women, their rights and their significance in both the history of the religion and in the daily lives of Muslims. Nadia Bazzy, a former UM-D student cleared up this confusion in her lecture, “Women in Islam” on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Imam Salie spoke about Jesus in Islam and also showed a documentary. “Students seemed to be very intrigued by the documentary and commented on how much they were surprised of the level of respect Jesus held in Islam,” said Afana. “Although the Muslims and Christians may have different views on Jesus, what we can both agree on is the significance of his life, the way he carried himself and the greatness of his love for mankind.”(MORE)