‘Rejecting Claims That Prophet Muhammad Was Anti-Jewish’

My brief talk from last night at the Islamic Center of Detroit gave an explanation to the claims that Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) was anti-Jewish.

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Specifically, I give a brief explanation of the hadeeth, which states that the people who received G-d’s wrath before Prophet Muhammad’s nation were Jewish people as well as giving explanation of the story regarding the execution of Jewish men, who committed treason at the Battle of the Ditch during Prophet Muhammad’s time.

AUDIO: Character of Prophet Muhammad and his patience

Today’s khutbah was given the Muslim Community of Western Suburbs (MCWS) in Canton, MI about the character of Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) relating to his (SAAS) patience and lessons to be learned from the adversities he faced. 

Also discussed were the current events taking place in North Africa and the Middle East and how American Muslims need to be at the forefront of standing up for human and civil rights.

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Discussing the Birth of Muhammad

I am scheduled to be on “Good Morning Michigan” at 8:20 am tomorrow on 690 AM in Metro Detroit to discuss the birth of the Mercy to the Worlds, the Bringer of Good News, the Seal of the Prophets, the Chief of the Righteous, and the Medicine of our Hearts, Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdillah (Prayers & Peace be upon him and his family).

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