Birthday of Prophet tomorrow

Tomorrow, February 15, 2011, which is the 12th Rabi’ Al-Awwal, is the day that the majority of Muslims observe as Mawlid/Milaad An-Nabi, the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

There is a minority opinion that his birthday was on the 17th of Rabi’ Al-Awwal, which will fall on this Saturday.

There will be a Mawlid at the Muslim Center, 1605 W. Davison in Detroit tomorrow from 8pm till dawn.

Listen to brief talk that I have to Muslim youth this morning regarding the Prophet by clicking here.

Best advice when facing bigots

لَا تَكُونُوا إِمَّعَةً تَقُولُونَ إِنْ أَحْسَنَ النَّاسُ أَحْسَنَّا وَإِنْ ظَلَمُوا ظَلَمْنَا وَلَكِنْ وَطِّنُوا أَنْفُسَكُمْ إِنْ أَحْسَنَ النَّاسُ أَنْ تُحْسِنُوا وَإِنْ أَسَاءُوا فَلَا تَظْلِمُوا

Prophet Muhammad (Prayers & Peace be Upon him and his family) said:

Do not be like the people without minds that say,  if people treat us well, we will treat them well.  However, if they treat us badly (oppress us), we will also treat them badly (oppress them).  Instead, accustom yourselves that if people treat you well, you also treat them well.  But if they act with evil towards you, do not treat them badly (oppress them).

Mercy to adversaries

Today’s khutbah (sermon) given at the Islamic Organization of North America in Warren, MI discussed the following:

1)      Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) was sent to be a mercy to all people.

2)      He (SAAS) was merciful with adversaries and Muslims within the boundaries that he (SAAS) was given by The Creator.

3)      He (SAAS) gave clear stances against torture and cursing people.

4)      He (SAAS) taught not to use the same tactics as those who harm and marginalize people.

5)      Discussion on the “Leaving Islam” ad campaign being advocated for by anti-Muslim bigots.

Click here to listen.