ABC News special on Islamophobia – Witness Discrimination, What Would You Do?


There are some very bigoted responses on this video shown by ABC’s hidden camera relating to Anti-Muslim bigotry. 


Go on-line and read the comments posted while people are able to hide behind their computers.  You can really see the about of bigotry and prejudice that is in America regarding Muslims.

We are all Americas.  It is a poor defense for those who justify such speech by saying that in Muslim countries, they hate us.  Not only is that inaccurate but even if it was true for the majority of Muslims, shouldn’t we aspire to higher ideas than those whom we criticize?

These commentators are obviously the offspring of those White Supremacists, who said (and still say) about Blackamericans.

Bosnian Serbs today attack US Consulate in Bosnia

Today, police in Bosnia clashed with Serbian extremists, who attempted to lay siege on the US Consulate in Bosnia.

Bosnian Serbs are now claiming that they want an independent region just as Kosovars have achieved by breaking from Serbia.

This attack on the US Consulate in Bosnia by Serbs follows an attack which Serbs launched upon the US Embassy in Serbia last week.  Technically, US embassies are considered US property.  In other words, the attacks constitute an attack on the US.

We’ll have to see what the State Department’s position will be regarding the actions of Serbs as well as the political jockeying that the Russians are participating in regarding the Balkans.

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